Fitting the Pieces of the Disease Puzzle Together

Lab tests are an important part of the diagnostic process at AHN. They provide our doctors with a wealth of information that allows us to determine the overall health of your beloved pooch or kitty-cat. Even if your pet is young and healthy, performing these tests periodically helps establish “normal” values for your dog or cat. This information provides baseline measurements so that any changes in your pet’s health can be monitored and quickly treated, if necessary.

Our in-house laboratory gives us the capability to perform many types of tests including complete blood counts, blood chemistry and electrolyte analysis to aid in the diagnosis of kidney disease, liver disease, infection, anemia and other serious veterinary conditions.

We also require a pre-anesthetic blood panel on all patients who are 6 years or older prior to their scheduled veterinary surgery and certain other procedures. Although it is not required for patients under 6 years of age, it is always highly recommended, as this is the optimal way to approach sedation and anesthesia. This also ensures that their internal organs are functioning properly and that your pet is healthy enough to be anesthetized. Our in-house laboratory is able to quickly and accurately process these tests, which means you will not have to wait days for the results.


At the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna we have a fully stocked pharmacy with medications carefully selected by our doctors that are competitively priced and here for your convenience. A wide range of veterinary drugs and prescription foods are stocked to make sure that you have the right pet medications to take home with you at your appointment.

Getting even the most agreeable animal to swallow a pill can sometimes be a challenge. For those times, we offer medicines in a variety of alternative delivery options such as flavored liquids and transdermal gels.

While we do our best to keep our pharmacy fully stocked, if we do not have what your pet needs we will be happy to order medications and prescription food for you. If you want to ensure that your pet’s medication or prescription food is ready when you need it, please reorder one week in advance, if possible.

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for being so thoughtful and caring of our animal friends” ~ Stacey M.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the service and mostly the compassion you gave my beloved Pug.” ~ Kevin M.

“Thank you for your care, insights and most of all patience with my “intensive” ways. You gave us all comfort.” ~ Donna C.

“Your thoughtfulness and kind words were most welcome additions to the excellent medical care that Josie received at your hospital.” ~ Helen G.

“I never had to worry about Sara not wanting to go to the vet for office visits, baths or boarding you always gave Sara extra attention!” ~ Shari B.

“A huge THANK YOU for all the years that you and your staff have taken such great care of my kitty cats and their owner!” ~ Pam S.

“I would like to extend the biggest heartfelt thank you for all your kindness. You are truly an outstanding veterinarian!” ~ Ricki V.

“Thank you for helping us in our effort to keep Cash as healthy as possible for as long as we could. You were always so gentle and kind towards him.” ~ Mindi M.

“We remember very fondly all the tender loving care you and your staff provided over the years. For that you have our eternal gratitude.” ~ Ginny G.

“Thank you for all your expertise and support. We have been fortunate to have you and your staff take such good care of Tiger.” ~ Stella C.

“Just a thank you for all the attention you have given in caring for my dog. I cannot thank you enough.” ~ Agnes D.

“The care and concern you, Samantha, Teri, Meghan and Steve have shown our beautiful girl and me, especially during the past 2 months, has been greatly appreciated.” ~ Rita S.

“Thank you all so much for the excellent care that my dog received. In so many ways, it was above and beyond. The many concerned phone conversations, the internet consults, the medicine dosing, all meant so much.” ~ AJ V.

Graphic Cat

In 1946, the hospital was awarded its first American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation, a tradition that would be maintained, unbroken, from that year forward. Only a handful of veterinary hospitals throughout the U.S. have maintained accreditation for that length of time.

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