Ronald A. Scharf

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My name is Ron Scharf. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in 1981 and my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Cornell in 1985.

I bought the Friderici Animal Hospital in 1993. It was established in 1936, and has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association since 1946. This is a challenging accomplishment; only 17% of veterinary hospitals in the United States are so designated, and we are one of only 9 in the country that have been accredited for this long.

My medical philosophy is this: I am conservative in the use of pharmaceuticals (if on the fence regarding the use of a drug, or procedure or vaccine, I do less) except in the case of parasites. Several parasites that animals carry are transmissible to us humans. I am aggressive about parasite prevention and I take a proactive approach to preventing and treating them.

The professional training I received at Cornell is invaluable in my practice of veterinary medicine. Additionally, I am open to the possibility that there are alternative approaches to the treatment of animals that have not yet been proven or accepted by Western medical science. I was accredited in the practice of veterinary acupuncture in 1988 by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. I studied under Richard Pitcairn, DVM, in his Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy in 1999 and 2000. I am also able to perform stem cell therapy in animals, mostly for advanced degenerative arthritis in animals who are too old or otherwise unable to get corrective surgery.

I pride myself on the time and effort I put into client education and informed decision-making with my clients. I am accessible on the phone and always return calls the same day. I believe that helping create the greatest wellbeing of our patients as well as the satisfaction of their owners are the primary reasons that my staff and I work so hard every day. My sincere hope is always that our efforts are successful.

Licensed Veterinary Technician

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I have been with the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna for more than 10 years now and I enjoy all aspects. I have been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since graduating from SUNY Delhi in 1999. I started working in the veterinary field as a kennel attendant and I enjoyed working with clients and taking care of their wonderful pets, so it seemed like a great choice to go to school to be able to help animals live a happy and healthy life. I enjoy all aspects of my position at the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna, but I especially enjoy performing dental cleanings and the intricacies of canine behavior. I am now currently working toward my Bachelor’s Degree and when I am not studying, I enjoy spending time with my family, my sweet cats, Sassy and Fidget, and my wonderful dog, Pirate!

Kennel Manager/Veterinary Assistant

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I have been with the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna since 2004. I enjoy taking care of our wonderful patients while boarding and giving special attention to each and every one. I have been living in the Colonie/Niskayuna area for over 35 years and I have been married for 23 years. When I am not working, I like to go out on my boat on Saratoga & Mohawk Lake to fish. I also enjoy walking through the woods near the Lisha Kill. I have a wonderful family, including my wife, daughter, granddaughter, 2 cats (Jezebel & Sid Vicious) and a turtle named Q-T.

Kennel Assistant

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I started at the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna 23 years ago when it was still the Friderici Animal Hospital, even before Dr. Scharf was here! I have worked with many wonderful animals (most of whom I have known their whole lives!) and their caring owners. I appreciate the honor of being trusted with all the patients, whether they are boarding or hospitalized. I enjoy seeing many of our regular boarders as well as all the newcomers. One-on-one attention is definitely something I love about my position here—it gives me the opportunity to get to know all our patients on a personal level. I have encountered so many wonderful pets and their people over the years that I would have not had the chance to meet otherwise. I may not have a furry friend of my own at home, but I do have the privilege of being owned by one with scales.

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for being so thoughtful and caring of our animal friends” ~ Stacey M.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the service and mostly the compassion you gave my beloved Pug.” ~ Kevin M.

“Thank you for your care, insights and most of all patience with my “intensive” ways. You gave us all comfort.” ~ Donna C.

“Your thoughtfulness and kind words were most welcome additions to the excellent medical care that Josie received at your hospital.” ~ Helen G.

“I never had to worry about Sara not wanting to go to the vet for office visits, baths or boarding you always gave Sara extra attention!” ~ Shari B.

“A huge THANK YOU for all the years that you and your staff have taken such great care of my kitty cats and their owner!” ~ Pam S.

“I would like to extend the biggest heartfelt thank you for all your kindness. You are truly an outstanding veterinarian!” ~ Ricki V.

“Thank you for helping us in our effort to keep Cash as healthy as possible for as long as we could. You were always so gentle and kind towards him.” ~ Mindi M.

“We remember very fondly all the tender loving care you and your staff provided over the years. For that you have our eternal gratitude.” ~ Ginny G.

“Thank you for all your expertise and support. We have been fortunate to have you and your staff take such good care of Tiger.” ~ Stella C.

“Just a thank you for all the attention you have given in caring for my dog. I cannot thank you enough.” ~ Agnes D.

“The care and concern you, Samantha, Teri, Meghan and Steve have shown our beautiful girl and me, especially during the past 2 months, has been greatly appreciated.” ~ Rita S.

“Thank you all so much for the excellent care that my dog received. In so many ways, it was above and beyond. The many concerned phone conversations, the internet consults, the medicine dosing, all meant so much.” ~ AJ V.

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In 1946, the hospital was awarded its first American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation, a tradition that would be maintained, unbroken, from that year forward. Only a handful of veterinary hospitals throughout the U.S. have maintained accreditation for that length of time.

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